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The Silk Road has undoubtedly many cultural and historical treasures. Nevertheless it is also a highly recommended route with various natural attractions. Deserts, lakes, grasslands, canyons, snow mountains are connected together by the Silk Road, like a necklace of pearls.

  • Day 1 Arrival in Lanzhou

    Arrival in Lanzhou. Meet and Greet by your local guide. Transfer to hotel, followed by a sight seeing tour.

  • Day 2 Bingling Grottes at the Yellow River

    One day excursion to Binglingsi Grottes at the Yellow River. Since the 05th. Century grottoes had been carved into the cliffs at the riverbank to worship Buddhist figures. The visiting is combined with a boat tour through the Yellow River Gorges. 

  • Day 3 Lanzhou-Jinchang

    Train ride to Jinchang. Visiting the ruins of the Great Wall from Ming Dynasty, before transfer to Alaxa Youqi by car. 

  • Day 4 Safari into the Badain Jaran Desert

    Transfer to the Badain Jaran Desert. Change to Jeep and Safari into the Desert. It is the 4th. Biggest desert in China with the highest sand dune of the world, nearly 500m high. En route you will see quite a few lakes. 

  • Day 5 Badain Jaran-Zhangye

    Visiting the 400-year-old Badain Jaran monastery and Jeepride out of the desert. Change back to car and transfer to Zhangye. En route visiting the Pingshanhu Canyon. 

  • Day 6 Danxia Landformations

    One day excursion to Zhangye Danxia Geopark. Danxia is a kind of land formation consists of ranges of colourful rocks, most of which are red. Here you will see a lot of rocks chained, twisted and paralleled in wild and astonishing ways.  

  • Day 7 Zhangye-Jiayuguan

    Take highspeed train to Jiayuguan. Visiting the Jiayuguan Pass, the "End of the Great Wall" and a tomb from the Wei & Jin Dynasty (ca. 3th. Century A.D.). 

  • Day 8 Jiayuguan-Dunhuang

    Car ride to Dunhuang and visiting the world famous Mogao Grottes. 

  • Day 9 Yardang Geopark

    Excursion to the Yardang Geological Park. 180KM northwestern of Dunhuang. In the vast park there are numerous earth formations, which were shaped by millions years of wind erosion.A jeep ride aournd the park (too huge to walk) is highly recommended to see as many "nature workpieces" as possbile.  

  • Day 10 Depart

    Enjoy a sunrise on the sand hills in the morning. After breakfast, transfer to airport and depart.